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Newborn Photography

Photographing newborns is one of the Kelly Scky Photography team’s specialties – and favorite kind of assignments!

Working with newborns is an art in itself, and we pride ourselves on both the quality of photos we provide as well as the quality of experience we provide for both mother and baby.

Our studio is specially set up to comfortably accommodate newborns and their families, whether you want simple shots or elaborate themed pictures. Our huge accessory closet is full of outfits, toys, and accents to highlight your newborn’s unique personalities – and help everyone have a little bit of fun!

Prefer to have your photographs taken at home or in another location? That is fine for us!

The Kelly Scky Photography team designs all our own material – we don’t use templates for any of our products. This means that everything we produce is customized and personalized for you and your vision.

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